Removals Service Pricing

Fixed Quotes

In most cases, we can issue the client with a fixed quote. This quote usually works out cheaper than if their move were carried out to an hourly rate.

For us to provide a fixed quote on our removals service, we usually require our consultant to attend the client's property, to carry out a free, no obligation, survey. Each survey takes approximately 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the property and the amount of items that require transporting.

Fixed quotes are based on the size and number of vehicles required, the size of the property and the length of time it usually takes to complete a move.

Our hourly charges start from arrival at the collection address and end at the destination address. We don’t charge extra for travelling to or from the job, fuel or insurance and if you require any last minute additional services we will do our best to accommodate them and we won’t take advantage of your difficulty to increase profits.

It is the choice of the client, as to whether they opt for a ‘fixed price’ or an ‘hourly rate’.

Further Information

If you require further information about our removals services or wish to book a survey, please email us at or call on 0800 7797789.